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Canada wide on subscription orders and orders $30 or more.

We offer organic coffee, artisan roasted in small batches.

My Indie Coffee is dedicated to creating a memorable experience with coffee lovers everywhere.
Our blends and single origin roasts have been perfected to offer the finest quality cup.

Artisan roasted in small batches, we taste the coffee as we roast it so you can trust you’ll be getting exceptional flavour with each sip. We know that quality starts at the raw source so we choose ethically sourced, organic beans produced on farms that prioritize a sustainable supply chain from farm to cup.

We want to share our passion for high-quality coffee.

Coffee is a labour of love - one full of robust and complex nuances of flavour.
Connecting with our community and collaborating with like-minded business,
we are invested in raising the bar for your cup.

Explore a world of delicious, high quality coffee with us!