We’re here to share our love for community connection and authentic experiences. And our efforts are dedicated to constantly perfecting our craft.

We offer organic coffee, artisan roasted in small batches.

We taste the coffee as we roast it, so you can trust you’ll be getting exceptional flavour with each sip.

We know the quality of coffee starts at the raw source, and this is why we only source organic beans, produced on farms that prioritize fair working conditions and wages.

We want to share our passion for high quality coffee.

We do this not only by connecting with our guests direct from the roastery, but also by supporting local indie café owners who are invested in raising the bar for the artisan coffee community.

Customize your next experience.

We proudly partner with small business owners, customizing our coffee packaging to fit with your brand. We also offer personalized wedding favours and gifts for special occasions.

We know firsthand that when you support small business, you’re supporting a dream.

Entrepreneurship runs in the family. What began as a passion for books and coffee quickly grew into a family-owned indie cafe. After years of roasting coffee beans in the backyard, My Indie Coffee was born.

Support Small Busniesses

To us, this place is not just a roastery; it’s our second home.

We hope you’ll come join us for a cup of coffee. Allow us to roast the beans you proudly sell in your cafe.Fill Your Cup