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Eureka Preformance Espresso Grinder (electronic on-demand)

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The Eureka Performance and the Eureka Magnifico are very fast and quiet compact on-demand grinder for home, office or light commercial use. Being doser-less, they both allow you to grind coffee directly into your portafilter in a fluffy and accurate cone, reducing spillage and minimizing the amount of coffee grounds left-over between shots.



The Performance features 50mm burrs with a powerful motor and a sound-dampening design that delivers a very fast & quiet operation. Activate the stop-and-go feature by pressing the portafilter under the grounds spout, or use the manual timer if you choose.



The Magnifico adds 55mm Diamond-Inside burrs (last 2x longer and grind faster), an adjustable fork to better fit different portafilters, and a programmable touchscreen to easily adjust the dose settings (for a single or double shot) “on the fly”, or use the stop-and-go feature for manual grinding.



Though compact (only 13.75” tall), they both feature a powerful motor and a micrometric grind adjustment to dial in the perfect grind setting. Both versions have a chromed front with either a black powder-coated steel or a chromed steel body, but the Magnifico is also available in a red or white powder-coated steel body.




On-Demand style grinder grinds fresh coffee for every shot, directly into portafilter for fast dosing

Sound-dampening design means very quiet operation

ACE System (Anti-Clumps & Electrostaticity) dispenses grounds into a neat cone-shaped pile for more consistent dosing with no static fly-away

Amount of coffee is programmed by time (to 1/10 second) for a single or double shot, and can be instantly changed at any moment, and has stop & go feature (Magnifico version only)

LCD touchscreen display keypad also allows for manual grinding/dosing, locking of programmed doses and usage counters

Hands-free operation – portafilter sits in a rest (size-adjustable on Magnifico models), and the grind-on-demand feature dispenses grounds directly into portafilter

Micrometric grind adjustment means infinite and accurate grind settings

300g bean hopper is removable for cleaning coffee oils, and has a closer so it can be removed with beans inside

Industrial-grade, “prosumer” grinder runs faster (about 4-5 seconds for a single) and lasts many years longer than most home grinders

Strong 260 watt regulated motor with a capacitor (starter) instantly generates strong and stable power, lasting longer and preventing break downs if the grinder jams

High horsepower / high torque motor and large carbon-steel burrs allows for faster grinding at 1350 RPMs, and less static or damage to coffee oils

One grinding burr is attached directly to the motor so there are no gears or belts to strip

Carbon steel burrs will grind 750lbs/340kg before requiring replacement


Burrs: 50mm/55mm  |  Bean Hopper: 300g removable with closer

Magnifico Finishes: matte black, chrome, red, white

Performance Finishes: matte black, chrome  |  Weight: 5.5kg/12lb

Height: 35cm/14”  |  Width: 12cm/4.75”  |  Depth: 18cm/7”