Ethically Sourced Coffee ft. Honduras Beans

Ethically Sourced Coffee ft. Honduras Beans

We know that coffee is more than a caffeine kick. It's a story. A story that starts in the hands of a farm worker, and ends in your cup.

That's why we are so excited to introduce our new ethically sourced coffee:

The Honduras Bean!

Your New Favorite Ethically Sourced Coffee: The Honduras Bean

From the La Fortuna farm in Ocotopeque, Honduras; these washed beans bring a fruity flavor sure to ease your taste buds. As well as a story, that’s sure to ease your mind.  

Delmy Regalado, the owner of La Fortuna, grew up harvesting small plots of sugarcane with her father. Now, she has found stability cultivating great tasting coffee on those very fields. D
elmy is also President of the Honduras Chapter of the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA). As President, she is helping other women achieve that same stability.

 The IWCA is an organization that supports women in the production and marketing of coffee. The work that they do makes it possible for more coffee to be produced in an ethical way. Including our new Honduras bean!

We know what you're thinking:
This new coffee sounds delicious, but what does ethically sourced mean? And more importantly, why should I care if my coffee is ethically sourced?"

Well, we've got the answers and some damn good coffee.

What Does It Mean To Be An Ethically Sourced Coffee?

Ethically sourced coffee produced with all impacts in mind. That is to say the social, environmental, and economic impacts of the process.

Independent organizations, like the IWCA, regulate this process. They set the standards for not only how coffee is produced, but how those who produce it are treated.

For instance, developing cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways of growing coffee helps the economy and environment. While providing safe working conditions and fair wages helps improve the lives of farm workers.

These are just a handful of the things the IWCA are working towards on coffee farms around the globe!

Where Does Ethically Sourced Coffee Come From?

Take one look at our handcrafted My Indie Coffee labels, and you'll see that great tasting and ethically sourced coffee can be found all over the world.

For example, the IWCA currently has independent chapters in 22 different countries!

The coffee from these farms have different flavors and notes, but the people who produce them all have the same initiative:

To produce coffee in a way that has a less negative impact on the environment, and a more positive impact on the farmers who value it so much.


The working conditions in the countries that produce your favorite coffee are generally very hard. Likewise, living conditions tend to be worse. Physical threats like disease, malnutrition, and abuse are frighteningly common. While other obstacles like illiteracy and discrimination are all the more prevalent.  

One of the goals of the IWCA is to give workers in these countries the tools and support they need to overcome these obstacles.  

Analyzing soil, hosting coffee markets, supplying farm workers with goats for milk and cheese. The IWCA does what they can to help coffee farmers achieve safety and stability in their lives and work.

That’s why we use ethically sourced beans. And you should too!

When you buy ethically sourced, you support organizations like the IWCA who are supporting the hardworking people who made your cup possible.

We are honored to be able to support Delmy and the IWCA, as well as their passion for ethically sourced coffee, with our new Honduras bean.

Click here to order a bag of these fruity floral beans! And be sure to check out our other delicious and ethically sourced brews while you're there!

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